Behind the Dice 001: Jon Barron

001 John Barron finishedHello everyone and welcome to: “BEHIND THE DICE!”

In this podcast series we here at Dice and Stuff will be interviewing people form all facets of the gaming world!

Ranging from tabletop RPG’s to video games, board games to larping and everything gaming in between!

I am your host and the Game Master, “Adam.”


Our guest today is:

“Jon Barron, Developer and Marketer for Late Knight Games’ tabletop RPG, MajiMonsters.

Jon is a Tabletop RPG creator and has created a new roleplaying game that combines aspects of both Dungeons and Dragons and Pokemon.

We talk to Jon about his game and also his beginings in the gaming world as well as some memorable moments.

We hope you enjoy this interview, and if you would like to check out MAJI MONSTERS, head on over to their kickstarter:



Keep checking back as we will have more interviews coming!

From all of us here at Dice and Stuff, thank you Jon, and everyone else for your support!


(All music is used with permission from the band: Dreams Destruction)

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