ERA: The Consortium Podcast Episode: 088 – Immersion Mission?

Hello everyone and welcome to Dice And Stuff!ERA Episode 088

Today we are excited to bring you episode 88
in our ERA: The Consortium podcast series
this episode is entitled:
“Immersion Mission?”

In this episode Commander Nero gathers
Lanceer, Tiberious, Zani, and Edward for
an operation he calls, an Immersion Mission.
During this mission he wants to gather
more intel about Maria’s father and how
they can get the drop on him. BUT, the team
has another plan!

What was the immersion mission?
What new plan has the team come up with?

Please sit back and enjoy:
“Immersion Mission?”


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(All music is used with permission from the band: Dreams Destruction)

(Artwork for ERA: The Consortium given with permission by: Ed Jowett)

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